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If you are interested in some further reading, here are details of our research and published work.

“The research says that being successful doesn’t automatically make you happier, but being happier – being more positive – makes you more successful.”

– Shawn Achor

Our published work

Post traumatic growth and addiction recovery

A new concept looking at post traumatic growth as a model of change in addiction recovery. Read the article.

Alcoholics Anonymous shown to significantly improve wellbeing

Our study finds that being a member of AA not only improves wellbeing, it has also protected it against the general decline seen during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read the article.

Change is always possible

Giving up alcohol can open up life’s possibilities in ways never envisioned. Read the article.

Chatbots to support addiction recovery

Our own Foxbot is leading the way, find out how chatbots can be used to help recovering addicts. Read the article.

A model of recovery, introducing G-CHIME

The G-CHIME model of recovery offers huge potential for both clients and practitioners in addiction treatment services. Read the article.

All being well

Addiction treatment services can leverage this to make the transition from addiction to recovery a more optimistic experience. Read the article.

Strength to strength, character strengths in addiction recovery

Character strengths can help protect and enrich recovery in many ways. Read the article.

New idea? Have you tried something different? Let’s work on it together.

Have you tried something new in your recovery that really helped? Do you have any tips you would like to share with others?