Look on the bright side

You can choose how you respond to situations as you encounter them. In positive recovery it is suggested that you consider your responses by “looking on the bright side”. This will help you challenge the negativity you have but may not be aware of. Research has shown that those who look at a situation in a positive light are less likely to be depressed or experience low moods, two areas of risk for people in addiction recovery. People who look on the bright side also tend to be happier and deal with difficulty better. In positive recovery looking on the bright side can be considered in two parts.

How you view a situation, and how you react to it. 

Take a positive view

Imagine you have a pair of glasses. They have positive lenses. When you view your life through them you take a positive view of what you are seeing.

Have a positive reaction

Imagine wearing the glasses again, but this time when looking through the positive lenses, you see a different way to react to the situation you are looking at.