Connect to something bigger than you

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Research shows that feeling connected to something bigger than you plays an important part in successful recovery. Being part of something bigger helps you keep perspective on events in your own life. It has also been shown to improve wellbeing and life satisfaction through shared experience and a sense of belonging.

Let’s try it. The above satellite map tracks a network of over 19,000 manmade objects orbiting the Earth, your home. This global network of satellites stops us getting lost when navigating new journeys, keeps us connected when making telephone and video calls, and keeps us entertained and informed through tv, music and news channels. All available to you as a connected member of a global community.

Right now, within that community there is an estimated 35 million people experiencing problems with drug or alcohol use disorders, with many more living successfully in recovery from addiction. This means that not only are there millions of people whose problems you can relate to, there is also an extensive recovery community available to you, should you choose to engage with it. A community that operates at a local, national and international level through such things as community initiatives, 12 step fellowships and online communities. Not a bad start to being connected to something bigger than yourself!