The recovery multiverse

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By being in recovery you automatically have a connection with millions of other people. A connection that is defined by a common goal, to live a happy life free from alcohol and drugs.

Your recovery solar system

Imagine your recovery is the sun in the solar system. The planets that orbit the sun along with all the moons that orbit the planets are your recovery connections. You are at the centre of your recovery solar system, and as the sun, you shine light on your own connections. Giving them power and lighting the way for you to reach them.

Click on the solar system image below to find the recovery connections hidden within.

Exist in the multiverse

Our solar system exists in a universe which according to scientists is one of a possible infinite number of universes in the multiverse. Each person you know or meet in recovery has their own version of the recovery solar system. Their recovery is the sun and the planets and moons that orbit it are their recovery connections. People in long term recovery will testify that connection is important if you are to benefit from having positive relationships. This is why people in recovery are often willing to share their own experience and connections to help others. In doing this they exist in a recovery multiverse, where connections join connections to offer countless opportunities for support and friendship.

Number of people in recovery worldwide