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Positively sober combines the latest research in the field of positive psychology, with established recovery principles, to offer a positive way to get the best out of life in recovery.

Who we are

Lisa Ogilvie, MSc

Lisa has an MSc in Counselling and Positive Psychology. Having had problems with alcohol for many years, she now lives in recovery. She is currently undertaking a PhD, specialising in the use of positive psychology in addiction recovery.

Jerome Carson, PhD

Jerome is Professor of Psychology at the University of Bolton. Previously, he also had issues with alcohol and might have been described as a ‘high functioning alcoholic.’ He has been abstinent for over four years. Along with Lisa, he is committed to trying to find better ways of helping people with addictions.

Ron, the dog

Ron is an enthusiastic team member who likes eating things that don’t belong to him.

What people say

“Positive addiction recovery offers a refreshing perspective on recovery. At Acorn, we recommend our clients use the resources on this site in their ongoing recovery.”

– Lead counsellor, Acorn Recovery Projects

“I use the recovery suggestions on this website often. They help me live a happy and worthwhile sober life.”

– Resident, Walter Lyon Recovery House