Positive addiction recovery combines knowledge of the recovery process with positive psychology to offer a new and positive way to embrace life in recovery. Research has shown that this approach improves wellbeing, strengthens recovery, and increases happiness and life satisfaction. The resources on this website can help you to make your recovery a more positive way to be.

Champion your recovery

Play to your strengths

Your character strengths are the positive aspects of your personality that help you feel authentic and engaged. Research has shown that playing to your strengths helps you achieve goals, reduce stress, deal with problems, increase happiness and find meaning.

Used skilled thinking

Understanding why you thought and acted the way you did in addiction helps to identify a return to negative behaviour and thought patterns. Self awareness is essential to happy sober living.

Be a life long learner

Why stop there? Research shows that following a path of continual growth not only gives meaning and purpose in life, it makes you more successful, increases happiness and improves wellbeing.

Our philosophy

What’s ours is yours

Our aim is to help people engaged in their recovery live a happy and meaningful life. The resources on this site are available to all who wish to use them.

There’s always room to grow

We believe there is always a way to improve, or a new idea to try. This positive approach motivates us to be the best we can be, after all it is our recovery too!

Challenge what is expected

Everyone in recovery has the capacity to be happy and live a worthwhile life. Not settling for less should be the expectation not the exception.